Search Measures, Standards and Special Requirements

   This section provides measure, standard, and requirement that you need to follow when import-export or transit goods. If you are a new user to this section, click here to see instruction on how to access and search all procedures in Lao PDR Trade Portal


   A ‘measure’ is a specific requirement that applies to a commodity or to certain types of products. Typically a measure could relate to sanitary or phytosanitary regulations (SPS). In these cases, permits or licenses may need to be obtained from the relevant government agency prior to importing or exporting the goods.
   A measure may also be a permanent prohibition to import or export certain products (for example, psychotropic drugs) or a temporary prohibition for health protection or other reasons or to enforce a quota.
     You can find out what measures are currently in force in Lao PDR by using the search facilities below. Where a measure applies to specific commodities, these will also be listed.
   A measure is normally enforced through a legal instrument such as a law, a decree or a regulation. The relevant legal document is also shown against each measure below and you will be able to view the full legal text by clicking on the link.


   Lao PDR has established 144 voluntary ‘Lao National Standards’ that businesses and traders operating in Laos can choose to apply to the products they deal in. Procedures for applying the National Standards are provided for in the Law on Standardization and the PM Decree to Implement the Law on Standardization. You can see the products to which these standards apply and the relevant legal documents by using the search facilities below and searching for ‘National Standards’.

Special Requirements

   By using the search facilities below you will also be able to look up any generic requirements associated with specific commodities or products, such as the need to obtain an automatic or non-automatic import license prior to importation.

Most Recent Measures, Standards and Special Requirements

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NameIssued ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Fee of Quality Certification - Imported FuelMinistry of Science and TechnologyTBT26-12-201231-12-9999
Testing Requirement - Imported FuelMinistry of Science and TechnologyTBT01-08-201631-12-9999
Inspection requirement - Import fuelMinistry of Science and TechnologyInspection Requirement01-08-201631-12-9999
Requirement to obtain Quality Certificate from exporting country - Import FuelMinistry of Science and TechnologyTBT01-08-201631-12-9999
Packaging requirement - TobaccoMinistry of HealthTBT20-09-201631-12-9999
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NameIssued ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Labelling Requirement for Imported ODS (R22)Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment TBT09-11-201231-12-9999
Labelling Requirement for Iodized SaltMinistry of HealthTBT21-01-200431-12-9999
Labelling requirement - Alcohol BeverageMinistry of HealthTBT30-01-201531-12-9999
Labelling requirement - FertilizerMinistry of Agriculture and ForestryTBT24-10-201331-12-9999
Labelling requirement - TobaccoMinistry of HealthTBT20-09-201631-12-9999
Labelling requirement for import and export - PesticideMinistry of Agriculture and ForestryTBT11-06-201031-12-9999
License Fee for Import of Machinery, etc. for processingMinistry of Industry and CommerceDuty/Tax Payable26-12-201231-12-9999
Microbiological of Drinking Water in Closed ContainerMinistry of HealthSPS12-05-200631-12-9999
Movement and Transit Permit Fee for Aquatic and Wild AnimalsMinistry of Agriculture and ForestryDuty/Tax Payable26-12-201231-12-9999
National Standard for Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Part2-11: Particular requirements for tumble dryers.Ministry of Science and TechnologyNational Standard01-01-200631-12-9999