Title: Trade Facilitation Road Map of Lao PDR for 2017-2022
Type: Trade
Reponsible Agency: Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Issuing Date :


The Trade Facilitation Road Map of Lao PDR for 2017-2022 was preceded by a comprehensive review of the Lao PDR’s earlier Trade Facilitation Strategic Plan (TFSP) of 2011-2015, which provided important learnings from its achievements and challenges. This Road Map was the output of the intensive research and data/information contributions from relevant sectors including national and international experts through number of meetings, seminars, consultations and technical comments to ensure that the Road Map is consistent with the Government’s policy and other sectors’ strategies before the approval. 


I. Introduction

II.   Background

III.      Context Analysis and Current Situation

IV.      Vision Statement

V.   Strategic Measures

VI.      Targets and Milestones

VII.    Implementation Phases

VIII.   Implementation Schedule under Trade Facilitation Road Map for 2017-2022

IX.      Monitoring, Reporting & Evaluation

X.   Governance Structure

XI.      Resource Mobilization

XII.    Conclusion

Annex-I Table showing Growth in Value of Exports of Lao PDR during 2010-2016 (In US$)

Annex-II Summary of Trading Across Border (Ease of Doing Business) Data for Lao PDR for 2016

Annex-III WTO’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)

Annex-IV Details of the Key Performance Indicators used in the Road Map

Annex-V Category-wise Measures under the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), Lao PDR

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