5 years of Lao PDR to international markets


Over the last five years since joining the World Trade Organization on February 02, 2013 Lao PDR has revised and amended more than 90 trade-related legislation in conformity with WTO’s agreements to create a favorable environment for business operations and attracting investment. In particular, the reduction of trade procedures and the creation of simplicity for business sectors in importing and exporting their goods. In addition, the creation of a favorable environment for doing business and international economic integration is one of the key priorities in accordance with the 8th Five-Year National Socio-Economic Development Plan.

Updated on : 22-02-2018

5 years of Lao PDR to international markets

On February 19th, 2018, Ministry of Industry and Commerce held a consultation meeting for the 5th anniversary of Laos’ WTO membership. The meeting was chaired by Mrs. Khammani Pholsena, Minister of Industry and Commerce, attracting more than 100 participants from the public and business sectors to attend. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and exchange point of views with private and public sectors on the creation of a favorable environment for doing business that will contribute to the expansion of Lao enterprises to international markets, especially in trade facilitation area.
Lao PDR is one of World Trade Organization members, the 158th member country out of total 164, has seen milestone over the last five years for instance the creation of Lao Trade Portal and Lao Service Portal website that facilitate business sectors to get accessed to information and regulations governing import, export, and trade in services of Lao PDR. By the end of 2019, Lao PDR is going to prepare its first Trade Policy Review within the WTO framework.
Mrs. Khemmani Pholsena, Minister of Industry and Commerce said: " World Trade Organization is a gateway to international trade and its membership is the key to creating a favorable environment for Lao enterprises in doing business opportunities gained from international economic integration." 


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