Market Access Information

On these pages we publish, from time to time, information which may be useful for traders to gain market access to other countries, understand other countries' regulations or facilitate entering into business partnerships.

Trading with the European Union

The Export Helpdesk is an online service, provided by the European Commission, to facilitate market access in particular for developing countries to the European Union.

This free and user-friendly service provides relevant information required by exporters interested in supplying the EU market. 

► The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has issued a notification on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) for EU countries

► New EU timber regulation comes into force

► The Republic of Turkey issued Health Certificates for an export of fishery and aquaculture products

Export Helpdesk

Notification for exporter of plant for planting to EU market

► European Union has passed and disseminated the new regulations on the reduced rate of import duty for products importing from developing countries (GSP or Generalised Scheme of Preferences)