Title: The ASEAN Economic Community: A Work in Progress
Type: General
Reponsible Agency: Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Issuing Date : 01-01-2013


This book analyzes the barriers and impediments to realizing the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015. Specifically, it explores

  •  whether the ASEAN Economic Community is achievable by 2015,
  •  the obstacles along the way in achieving it, and
  •  the measures needed for its eventual achievement.

Although the self-imposed deadline for the realization of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is 2015, it should not be viewed as a hard target. One should not expect 2015 to see ASEAN suddenly transformed, its nature and processes abruptly changed, its members’ interests substantially altered. Rather, 2015 should be viewed more as a milestone year - a measure of a work in progress - rather than as a hard target year.


  • Overview - Rodolfo C. Severino and Jayant Menon
  • Non-Tariff Barriers: A Challenge to Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community - Myrna S. Austria
  • ASEAN Trade in Services - Deunden Nikomborirak and Supunnavadee Jitdumrong
  • The ASEAN Economic Community: The Investment Climate - Manu Bhaskaran
  • Competition and Intellectual Property Laws in the ASEAN 'Single Market' - Ashish Lall and R. Ian McEwin
  • Subregional Zones and ASEAN Economic Community - Richard Pomfret and Sanchita Basu Das
  • ASEAN FTAs: State of Play and Outlook for ASEAN's Regional and Global Integration - Razeen Sally
  • The ASEAN Dispute Settlement System - Locknie Hsu
  • Enhancing the Institutional Framework for AEC Implementation: Designing Institutions that are Effective and Politically Feasible - Helen E.S. Nesadurai
  • ASEAN Economic Community Business Survey - Albert G. Hu
  • Index

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