Legal Document

Title: Notification on Plant Product Exportation No. 1452/CO.DOA.03
Type: Notification
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Issuing Date : 23-09-2003


(Unofficial translation)


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Permanent Office              No.1452/MAF.03
Vientiane Capital, Dated 23 September 2003


To:    Head of Agriculture and Forestry Provinces, Capital and Special Zone through country

Subject: Plant product exportation

  • Pursuant to instruction the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, dated 12 September 2003.
  • Pursuant to Decree on Quarantine of Lao PDR, No 66/PM, dated 21 March 1993 and regulation No 0693/DOA, dated 02 July 1993
  • Pursuant to report of Department of Agriculture on notification from Department of Food and Plantation of California United State on import agriculture production from Lao PDR, No 0728/MAF.0‚Äč3 dated 09 September 2003.

According to Head Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has reviewed the contents Decree and regulation of quarantine of Lao PDR, it shown that it has comply with International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and comply with condition of Lao PDR.

Food and Plantation Department of California United State has informed by official letter to the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Lao PDR after the authorities have found that genetic material from Lao PDR’s Post Office, which send by name KOY CHANG SAE THER to name CHAO MEUG CHOW SAE, address 66E, SWEET, VISALIA, CA 93292. The parcel post mail registration No. 440 from Lao PDR arrived to California State, dated 14 August 2003. Plant Protection Authority from USA has found nuts and other plants goods without plants protection certificate of Lao PDR. Therefore, it is considered a violation of rules and plant quarantine of California State. The associated explained that genetic material in the box was rejected due to pests disease have never been appear in California State so this may cause damage  to plants and other.

Therefore, in order to avoid this issue arise again in the future. Permanent Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry inform to guide and entities or relevance sectors which aims to export plants products to foreign country, should have consultation with domestic authority in order to issue plants protection certificate in according to international plant protection regulation. Otherwise, destination country may be fined as illegal. (Sample Box attached herewith)

Head of the Permanent Office
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

[Seal and Signature]
Tongpuo Vongpasome

-   Inspection Department, MOFA
-   Planning Department
-   Agriculture and Forestry Department
-   Office of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
-   Copied


Rewrited by. Department of Agriculture of Lao PDR, based on English original, September 2003

Ban sending wrap pests
Warning of Food and Agriculture Department, California State

Plant insect and plant disease from foreigner country may be able to damage agriculture and environment of California State which calculates cost of damage for the averages of each year by multimillion US dollar. Boxes fruit, vegetable and plant products have found bug and disease by the authorities of State and district.

List of inspection boxes which has high risk in the box which does not has message contain plant products

California State Law notices that every shipment of plants or vegetable products entry to State should mention information as detail below:

Plant material

Write name and address of sender

Name and address of receiver

Name and amount of plant, fruit or vegetable

Country name, province, district and location of plant product in the box

Inspection document in this box

Contact Plantation sector nearby for list of products will be allow entry California State

Or call Tulare Country Agriculture Commissioner, California State (559) 685-3323

Penalty to send banded or illegal goods as fruit, vegetable or plant products may fine above 25000 US dollar.