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Title: Technical Instruction on Principle and Operation of Wood Application Control for Product Packaging in International Trade No. 0053/DOA.06
Type: Instruction
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Issuing Date : 23-01-2006

(Unofficial translation)


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Department of Agriculture          No.0053/DOA.06
Vientiane Capital, Dated 23 January 2006

Technical Guidance

Principle in practice control the use of wood packaging material in international trade

            To:         Head of Agriculture and Forestry Provinces, Capital throughout country

  • Pursuant to notification of the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry  No 0034/MFA.06, dated 18 January 2006
  • Pursuant to notification of the International Plant Protection Convention PL 35/5.
  • Pursuant to notification of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Asia-Pacific, dated 19 September 2005.

Based on message above mentioned, Department of Agriculture kindly informed Head of Agriculture and Forestry at Provincials, Capital throughout country. Currently, any countries in the world are concerned to prevent diseases and insects from other countries in order destroy crops in their own countries. Therefore, Department of Agriculture on behalf of focal point coordination on technical aspect aimed to introduce measures and methods in order to fumigation wood by Methyl bromide or heat treatment to remove diseases and insects particularly for wood packaging material comply with the techniques of international standard No. 15 of FAO which called reference international standard for remove diseases and insects in wood packaging material as detail following:

I.      Heat Treatment and Methyl bromide

  1. Wood heat treatment method

1.1     Packaging material made by wood before using wood packaging material must heat treatment by minimum temperature in core wood at 56 oC and approximately 30 minutes.

1.2     Heat treatment for packaging products have to certify by symbol Heat Treatment (HT), which is indicate stamp in the wood that mean wood products has been heat treatment in the level of international standard.

1.3     The location for heat treatment wood packaging material

Heat treatment room should appropriate conditions based on government organization and private sector who are responsible for services in the market economy but it should have technical guarantee from agriculture sector and standard as above mentioned in point 1.1.

  1. Methyl bromide (MB) for wood packaging material

2.1     Wood packaging material shall Methyl bromide. The minimum standard for Methyl bromide as following:


The rate of drug use (g/m3)

Maximum Intensity (g/m3)

2 hours

4 hours

12 hours

24 hours

21 o C  or >






16 o C or >






10 o C or >






  The lowest temperature should not below 10 o C and average time should not below 24 hours before opening cover.

        2.2 Symbol of wood through Methyl bromide for wood packaging material must certify by international symbol as MB.

       2.3 Implementer for MB

MB drug is danger chemical for creature and environment. The person who responsible for MB should have basic background on danger chemical and passed training course from Plant Protection Centre, Department of Agriculture and all of the staff should have good health.

    2.4 Location for MB for wood packaging materials

A. Permanent Methyl bromide (MB)

            Permanent MB is settle location (not moving) which means fully construction; it should have high volume for truck fumigation and located in the area of import-export border checkpoint but far from village or service office more than 150 meter. The MB construction should have pipe for gas release from ground less than 20 meter. Room size for fumigation contain 1-5 M3 which  is allow located far from village more than 100 meter and pipe release gas is high above 15 meter.

B. Temporary Methyl bromide (MB)

            Container attached with truck, truck must avoid parking as far as from village and use Tarpauline cover which is special type for MB. Using Tarpauline should be careful on leakage Methyl bromide because it might be reduce volume concentrations of drug and cannot kills insects but it might be affect to other creature. In case of inspection for concentrations drug of Methyl bromide must use special equipment. And this is warning for implementation process because it might be affect to property and creature.

II.      List of danger pest which is significant to remove in wood packaging material

Danger pest with related to wood packaging material for export that must remove by using heat treatment or Methyl bromide called as following:

Danger pest group


Insect pest










Nematode worms

Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Therefore, this must be informed in order to use as techniques standard for agricultural sector to monitor and examine implementation of heat treatment or Methyl bromide for remove disease and insect of both in public and private sector with related to heat treatment or  Methyl bromide for using wood packaging material regard export to international market.

                                                            Director General Department of Agriculture

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Vilavanh Phanoulath


-   Cabinet Office, MFA
-   Inspection Department, MFA
-   Plant protection Centre