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Title: Notification on Prevention and Precaution on Pink Mealy Bug no. 0105/PPC
Type: Notification
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Issuing Date : 29-03-2012

(Unofficial translation)


Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Department of Agriculture
Plant Protection Center        No. 0105/PPC
Vientiane Capital, Dated 29 Mar 2012


To:  Provincial Agriculture Division Director, Director of Cabinet of District Agricultural and Forestry in nationwide

Subject: Notification on Prevention and Precaution on Pink Mealy Bug (Phenacocus mannihoti)

  • Pursuant to Decision of Minister of Agriculture and Forestry on the organization and movement of Agriculture Department No. 1058/MAF, dated 28/10/2007;
  • Pursuant to Decision of Agriculture Department on the implementation and movement of Plant Protection Center No. 0482/PD, dated 20/05/2009.

Plant Protection Center notify to Provincial Agriculture Division, Capital Agriculture Division, Cabinet of District Agriculture and Forestry Division, and citizens whom grow cassava in nationwide that: during cassava growing season in early 2012, at present some areas are preparing to grow, some areas had already grown, therefore they should pay attention to investigate and follow up destruction of pink mealy bug due to the destruction were found in various provinces in the countries such as: Xaythani District, Pak Ngeum District, Vientiane Capital; Nakhonepheng District, Saravanh Province; Xayphouthong District, Savannakhet Province; Bachiang District, Champasak Province. Hence, the farmers whom grow cassava shall pay attention and precaution to the destruction of pink mealy bug, particularly at beginning of its growth (1 – 4 months) it will affect the production more than semi growth period  (4 – 8 months) and  final growth period (8 – 12 months) in order to guarantee effective productivity as targeted, the caution and accompany on the spread of pink mealy bug is one of the work that we need to pay attention to in this time due to the spread of this disease is directly affect to productivity which cause damages and unqualified production.

I. Demolition Character

The caterpillar and grown pink mealy bugs absorb water from leaf, peak and trunk. Remarkable notification from its damages are:  bended peak, bended trunk, the items are irregularly speed, dead trunk, dried peak, without top. If there is one pink mealy bug spot (in a tree) it is assume that there are pink mealy about 1,000 bugs in the garden, if it is found 1-2 spots from random 10 trees, the attention to follow up for the caution of its spread is needed, if it is found in more than 3 out or random 10 trees, it is considered as pink mealy bug spreading area.

II. Prevention and Eradication

·         Prevention

  • Choose trusted source of species to plan
  • Plough soil to sunlight for about 14 days to destroy pests
  • Collect damaged cassava parts in the area of plantation to destroy (fire burning)
  • Soak species log with Imidaclopid (70% NG) or Thiamethoxam (25% WG), portion 4g/water 20 L or Dinotefuran (10 % WP) 40g/water 20. Soak them for 5-10 minutes and shine them upon wind in shadow until it dry before planting. It can eradicate pink mealy bug those come with species log and also prevent the damage of pink mealy bug after planting for about one month.
  • Frequently check cassava garden weekly if it is found 3 out of random 10 trees, it is require to find prevention-eradication immediately and can be announced as pink mealy bug spreading area.
  • Pay attention to care, cut out grasses, fertilizing, it order to nourish and strengthen cassava to resist with diseases and bugs.
  • Keep useful bugs for example: lacewing, lady bird.

·         Eradication

1.   Frequently inspect cassava garden, since it has 1-4 months old. If there is any spread of the pink mealy bug, cut out the part and burn it so that new peak can be born. But if the spread is more than 50%, withdraw the trees and burn them. If there are serious spread, plough soil to sunlight for about 1 month. Plan other vegetation instead to cut off pink mealy bug circle.

2.   When the cassava has 4-8 months old, if there is the spread of pink mealy bug, cut the spot and burn it.

3.   Aged up to 8 months, if there is any spread, immediately harvest the production and plough soil to sunlight to destroy pink mealy bugs and its egg.

4.   Release A. Lopezi 600-1200 pairs/ha

Therefore, this notification is to inform Capital Agriculture Division, Provincial Agriculture Division, District Director of Agriculture and Forestry, farmers whom planting cassava to acknowledge,  expand, and implement in practice as appropriate.

Note: If there is any issue regarding the pests, please contact below:
Plant Protection Center: 021 812 164

Deputy of Plant Protection Center

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Tiengkham Vongsabouth