Legal Document

Title: Guidance on Corn Export Condition to Thailand No. 1790/DOA
Type: Notification
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Issuing Date : 21-03-2013

(Unofficial translation)


Ministry of Industry and Commerce  
Permanent Office    No. 1790/PSO
Vientiane Capital, Dated 21 August 2013


To:   Head of Agriculture and Forestry Provinces, relevance agencies through country      

Subject: Corn export condition to Kingdom of Thailand.

  • Pursuant to Plant Protection Law, No 06/NAS, dated 09 December 2008;
  • Pursuant to Guidance Decree to implement Plant Protection Law, No 229/GOV, dated 31 May 2012.
  • Pursuant to announcement of Official Agriculture Department of Kingdom of Thailand 2556, dated 28/06/2013.
  • Pursuant to report of Agriculture Department, No 1182/DOA, dated 07 August 2013.

The Permanent Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry would like to inform that in the past, exporting pod corn or corn ear, corn grain and corn cob of Lao PDR exported to Thailand does not compliance with Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS) and Phytosanitary certificate regarding to international standard based on the International Plant Protection to meet requirement of Thailand. Based on Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) by Faculty of Agriculture Department jointed with senior experts from Thailand in year 2012, it indicated that the target pest control is Khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium), which Faculty of Agriculture Department of Thailand issued notification on Maize import condition from Lao PDR to Kingdom of Thailand, dated 28/08/2013.

Therefore, in order to facilitate for maize exporters and phytosanitary enterprisers to avoid with negative impact for agriculture goods of Laos export to foreigner countries and to meet international standard of SPS and destination country. Permanent Office of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry issues notification as follows:

Export corn from Lao PDR to Kingdom of Thailand, exporters has to follow stages:

  1. Import licensing
  • It should have import license issued by Faculty of Agriculture Department of Thailand;
  • It should have clear target to use local raw materials for industrial production with attached enterprise legislation and related documents.
  1. Transportation
  • Corn must be located in some place in Lao PDR transport to Thailand by land or water route.
  • Transport vehicles should well cover.
  1. Import condition
  • No insect pests’ prohibition of Kingdom of Thailand and no contamination of soil, rock, sand and others.
  • Removal insect disease

(1)   Undergo disinfection by Methyl bromide fumigation as follow


Average g/m3

Time (hours)

21 C or >



16-20 C



11-15 C



10 C



Note: If uses Phosphine, it should be use approximately 8g/m3 for 160 hours.

(2)   Fumigation Enterprises should have registration certificate from Agriculture Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Lao PDR

(3)   Any time exporting goods to Thailand, enterprises should attached Fumigation Certificate with invoice.

(4)   Specify details type of fumigation as disinfectant used in phytosanitory certificate.

  1. Phytosanitory Certificate
  • Original Phytosanitary Certificate should certify by the elected authorities from the organization of phytosanitary protection (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) attached with goods each time while exporting to Thailand.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate should have additional information as below:

“ The consignments were produced and prepared for export in accordance with the conditions for import of (imported plant part) from Lao PDR to Thailand” and “ the consignments were inspected and found free from Trogoderna pranarium”.

       5. Import inspection by Thai authorities

  • While goods (corn) has arrived at the border gates of Thailand, the examination will be conducted to examine and verify accuracy for all documents as attached with goods.
  • The plant quarantine officials shall collect corn for example and examine in order to certify that there are no insect and other pests prohibited of Kingdom of Thailand and other pollutions.
  • In case of imports not follow instruction of Thailand, goods must be returned, destroyed or remove pests’ disease by using appropriate way and enterprises must fully responsible for all payment.

       6. Information dissemination and creating social awareness.

Agriculture and Forestry Department at provincial level, Capital, which have Quarantine office at  the border checkpoints with Thailand, should disseminate information to local authorities and other relevance sectors to acknowledge particularly producers, enterprises and other authority agencies as the key control person at In-Out door at border checkpoints focus on corn pest infestation targeted inspection, terms and conditions from destination country, the procedure of import-export and notice documents at Quarantine office at the border checkpoints in order to ensure facilitate export of sheath and seeds corn from Lao PDR to Kingdom of Thailand to comply and harmonize with phytosanitory regulation of destination country.

Therefore, this must be informed to relevance sectors and strictly implementation.       

 On behalf of Head of the Permanent Secretary Office
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

[Seal and Signature]
Ms. Vilayphone Vorlaphim