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TitleTypeResponsible AgencyIssuing AgencyEnLao
Decision on Border Trade No.1953/MOIC.DIMEX, dated 05 December 2017DecisionMinistry of Industry and CommerceMinistry of Industry and Commerce
Decree on vehicle import, export and sell businesses in Lao PDR No: 96/PM, dated 8 December 1992DecreeMinistry of Industry and CommercePrime Minister Office
Decree on Petroleum BusinessDecreeMinistry of Industry and CommerceMinistry of Industry and Commerce
Instruction On Exploration and Transportation of Cratoxylum Cochinchinense, Domestic and International Transportation of White Charcoal made from Cratoxylum CochichinenInstructionMinistry of Agriculture and ForestryMinistry of Agriculture and Forestry
Decision on business establishment on medicines and medical equipment (Revised Version) no.1820/MoH, dated 25 August 2017.DecisionMinistry of HealthMinistry of Health

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