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TitleTypeResponsible AgencyIssuing AgencyEnLao
Decision on business establishment on medicines and medical equipment (Revised Version) no.1820/MoH, dated 25 August 2017.DecisionMinistry of HealthMinistry of Health
Instruction on implementing some article of Lao-Viet Name Border Trade Agreement No.0280/MOIC.DFTP, dated 27 February 2017InstructionMinistry of Industry and CommerceMinistry of Industry and Commerce
Notification on the Issuance of Certificate of Origin for the Border Trade Agreement between Lao PDR and Viet Nam, number 1824/MOIC.DIMEX, dated 17 August 2017NotificationMinistry of Industry and CommerceMinistry of Industry and Commerce
Instruction of Minister of Finance on the Implementation of Customs Law No. 1559/MoF, dated 24 May 2016InstructionMinistry of FinanceMinistry of Finance
Decision on the Management of Packed Products (Revised Version)No. 0542/MOST, dated 16 May 2017DecisionMinistry of Science and TechnologyMinistry of Science and Technology

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